[lug] cheap network cards/quality

bof bof at pcisys.net
Wed Jul 31 07:13:53 MDT 2002

D. Stimits wrote:

> Also, does anyone have any particular models/brands within the 
> inexpensive 10/100 NIC category that should be avoided? 

I seem to vaguely remember something about avoiding Linksys cards 
version 2 -- the LNE100TX I bought last month was last version 5.1, and 
this is on the box. Version 2 was a much older (ca. 1999) version.

Also I prefer the Netgear FA311 over the FA312 --- I believe the FA312 
has some "Wake-on-Lan" feature that I never use. Either card has network 
drivers for Red Hat.


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