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Carl Ribbing cribbing at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 31 16:53:00 MDT 2002

My son is going to the School of Mines in Golden.  He will be living in a house off campus. There will be seven roommates that want to setup a network for the house. They are Windoz users (XP) and have found a Pentium 366 donated to them for a server. They just wired the house with Cat5.  They were talking about a Windoz2000 server. I thought they should utilize a Linux server, and learning something new.  I told them that I subscribe to this LUG mailing list and that they could get some ideas or recommendations for setting up a Linux server and hub to complete the network. (When you had your install fest they weren't ready to get setup yet.)  My son has setup a dual boot workstation but between the two of us we do not have much experience with Linux. Will your usergroup be having another install fest soon or some advice/ books that are available to help them with this endeavor?


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