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Ed Hill ed at eh3.com
Wed Jul 31 17:19:12 MDT 2002

On Wed, 2002-07-31 at 17:10, Peter Hutnick wrote:
> My questions are 1. does anyone know of a TeX oriented community where I
> can bend a guru's ear and 2. does anyone know the answer to any of my
> questions below?

Hi Peter,

I've gotten most of my LaTeX help from web searches, books (Kopka and
Daly being my fave), examples on CTAN, and examples from LUG folks.

And I'll be happy to provide a copy of my resume class (email me
off-list).  Its a slightly modified version of the "cjw-resume.cls"
available on CTAN.  It looks nice (IMHO) but I think I'm going to
eventually abandon it in favor of HTML-only which is easy to email to
just about anyone.

(Yes, I do know how to produce good PDF files from LaTeX but many
employers specify "WORD-only documents".  In most of those cases, if you
send an HTML file with a "resume.doc" name it will result in: (1) no
problems with most recent versions of Word, and (2) the Word user will
have no idea that they just opened an HTML document since it will be
silently converted.)

> Is there any sort of repository of "good" classes?  I'd like to refactor
> my resume into LaTeX, but all the classes I have found have been "one
> offs."  It is sort of a catch-22 that I'm not a typesetter, so I am in a
> poor position to judge the classes that are out there, but if I knew
> what was really good I'd just make my own :-(

Have you browsed CTAN?  (http://www.ctan.org/)  Yes, some of the stuff
there is junk but there are also some gems as well.  You can
occasionally find good LaTeX classes on home pages using search engines
such as google.

> How can I make an inset box?  I'm working on a book that will include
> some side note type items that are too big for marginal notes, and are
> really too important as well.  It is the kind of thing you see in
> Mathematics texts, where a law or theorem is set below an explanatory
> paragraph in a bordered or shaded box.  Tables don't work.  I guess I
> could use a separate PS file, but that isn't really what I am looking
> for.

Sounds like you want an fbox or parbox environment.  Check out chapter 4
of Kopka and Daly ("A guide to LaTeX2e") which provides some nice
examples of their use.

> I would also like to be able to include (in the C preprocessor sense)
> some code examples directly out of the actual data files.  IOW I am
> going to have some example files available in soft copy on FTP and
> printed within the book.  To prevent version skew I'd like the actual
> live file on FTP to be "included" when the LaTeX file is built into a
> DVI. (Not over FTP, off local (probably actually NFS) disk.)

I've included code snippets with the verbatim environment.  There is
also a \verbatiminput command that might do exactly what you want. 
Again, see Kopka and Daly appendix D.3 for a brief description.


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