[lug] LaTeX Resume Class

Ronald Kumon kumon at boulder.nist.gov
Wed Jul 31 17:44:24 MDT 2002

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Peter Hutnick wrote:

> Is there any sort of repository of "good" classes?  I'd like to refactor
> my resume into LaTeX, but all the classes I have found have been "one
> offs."  It is sort of a catch-22 that I'm not a typesetter, so I am in a
> poor position to judge the classes that are out there, but if I knew
> what was really good I'd just make my own :-(

It's not specific to resumes, but you can try the Comprehensive TeX
Archive Network at <http://www.ctan.org>.  I usually use the book 
"The LaTeX Companion" by Goosens, Mittlebach, and Samarin (Addison-Wesley, 
New York, 1994) as a first stop when I want to find out if there is 
a package available to do what I want.  I have found that it usually
picks up where Lamport's "LaTeX" book leaves off.

I wrote my resume up mainly just using regular LaTeX commands.  I can
forward you a copy of the LaTeX source if you like.  It's a bit more
complicated than it might otherwise have to be because I have it set up so
I can automatically translate the LaTeX source to HTML using TtH
(http://hutchinson.belmont.ma.us/tth/).  That way I can have both nice
PDF and HTML versions.
> How can I make an inset box?  I'm working on a book that will include
> some side note type items that are too big for marginal notes, and are
> really too important as well.  It is the kind of thing you see in
> Mathematics texts, where a law or theorem is set below an explanatory
> paragraph in a bordered or shaded box.  Tables don't work.  I guess I
> could use a separate PS file, but that isn't really what I am looking
> for.

You can surround text with boxes using the "boxedminipage" or "fancybox"
packages.  You can put the text into a minipage and then put the 
minipage within the box.  See "The LaTeX Companion" for details.   

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