[lug] LaTeX Resume Class

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Thu Aug 1 11:12:15 MDT 2002

> I'm no typesetter but if you spend a little time with Lamport's book
> "Latex User's Guide..." and look at list making and table formating you
> should be able to get what you want visually.

Hmm, I guess one has to buy a book to use LaTeX.  Every response has been
geared around one book or another.

To address the "get what you want visually" comment; to me, the main
benefit of using LaTeX is that I get to trust someone who knows more than
I do about formatting the document.

I can get what I want visually with KWord's print to PDF feature . . .

> P.S. The world of send me a .doc file is fustrating beyond belief.
>      PDF please!

I usually send out a PDF and a flat text file with UNIX line feeds and a
..doc extension.  Word reads it fine, and UNIX people know better ;-)


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