[lug] FireWire

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Fri Aug 2 06:25:13 MDT 2002

Timothy C. Klein wrote:
> Hello all
> I am thinking about getting a camera that uses Firewire.  Assuming I can
> get the camera to work with Linux, anyone know of a cheap Firewire card
> that works with Linux?  Is there any way to convert Firewire signal to
> USB (with a loss of speed, of course, I don't mind that)?
> Curious if there is any experience out there with this.  The other
> option is a CF card reader, but I want to know the whole story.

I don't know about the firewire support, but I'm reasonably happy with my CF 
card reader.  It doesn't use camera batteries or tie the camera up. 
Typically I put a new CF card in when I'm ready to download the pictures 
anyway - perhaps because its full, perhaps it's just a way of starting fresh.

	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at unix.sh

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