[lug] Remote/Local email server advice...

Anders Knudsen anders at theknudsens.net
Fri Aug 2 11:52:10 MDT 2002

My work office is a "remote" site, where we have a persistent IPSec
tunnel to our "home" office. We connect to their exchange (blech) server
through the tunnel. We want to set up our office here to suck everyones
mail off the "home" server to an IMAP server locally, so that folks in
our office can have their email stored locally -- on a server -- to
allow mail access from any machine/platform.

Why? Most folks here in my office have "dual boot" machines. Use Windows
for documentation stuff, corporate type presentations (MS Office),
email...Use Linux for "real" work, and email, etc. So want to be able to
get access to our email regardless of which platform we're on.
The "home" office does obviously already support IMAP, and we could use
that, however, they have rules for how much space you can eat up, and
how old your emails are allowed to be, etc. If we set up a local mail
server, then we could control those rules --- that is have none

Any suggestions/advice appreciated.


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