[lug] apm/UPS

bof bof at pcisys.net
Fri Aug 2 12:08:11 MDT 2002

D. Stimits wrote:

> Can anyone tell me if the UPS itself will shut down cleanly at some 
> point, or if it will kill its battery off and not stop till the 
> battery is deep discharged?

My experiences with the APC Smart UPS series under Windows NT was that 
when the battery began to run down (I had left it unplugged one day), 
and reached a critical level, the most awful sounding alarm began 
beeping until the system recharged itself. After it recharged itself, 
the alarm stopped. It never reached a level that the computer was shut 
down but UPS said that when the battery level was too low, it would 
automatically initiate the shutdown sequence.

I would assume that the same thing would happen under Linux.

Be also aware, that like all rechargable batteries, there is a certain 
life span to them, and that they are expensive to replace. I think I got 
about three years out of my first battery.


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