[lug] FireWire

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Fri Aug 2 15:12:43 MDT 2002

* Zan Lynx (zlynx at acm.org) wrote:
> I bought a Firewire card from CompUSA for $30, and it's been working
> fine in my Linux machine.  It was a CompUSA branded card.  It did come
> with some Windows video editing software.  That got circular filed :-)
> I have heard about Firewire <=> USB 2.0 gateways, but I wouldn't do
> that.  If you need USB, just get a USB camera in the first place.

I was not thinking of USB 2.0, if that was all that was available, I
would just get a FireWire card.  I saw a FireWire<->USB converter
mentioned on Usenet once, and assumed it was USB 1, I had forgotten
about USB 2.

If only it were so simple as picking a camera that used USB...  Nikon
only makes 4 models of digital SLRs -- 2 are way out of my price range
(the D1H and D1X), one is slightly out of my price range (the only one
that has USB, the D100), and one may be just barely in my price range
(the D1, used).  I have five Nikon lenses, so switching to another model
would be a pain.  I already have a point-and-shoot digicam (or PHD
camera, as my friend once called it:  Push-Here-Dummy Camera :-)

Oh well, I am stuck with my Nikon F5 probably, anyway.  Anybody want to
by one?  I am way tired of film.  Never should have gotten that CoolPix,
I don't want to shoot anything but digital anymore.

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