[lug] ethernet duplex options, mysteries

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Fri Aug 2 17:56:11 MDT 2002

Mr Viggy wrote:
> Of course you can ping and, with no cables attached. 
> What's happening is that in the TCP/IP stack for each card is the IP 
> addy for those cards.  The ping command is actually being responded to 
> from the stack, *not* the network itself.  If you need to ping test the 
> cards, you're going to need a third machine somewhere else on the 
> network that you can ping.  You can ping your local machine anytime; 
> even if it's not connected to the network.  What this proves is that the 
> TCP/IP stack for that interface is up and running.

Geez, I feel silly. I had forgotten those were both on the local 
machine, even if they were assigned to the ethernet.

> As for having both interfaces on the same network, I'm not sure what 
> that will acomplish (other than maybe twice as fast network speeds).  I 
> don't think you can remove that default route; your system is probably 
> seeing that both cards are on the same network, and using the last card 
> it finds as the default (pure speculation on my part).

The reason that they are on the same network is because they will soon 
have their IP bindings removed, and turned into a bridge. The inner 
device will probably get a non-routable binding for ssh in.

D. Stimits, stimits AT idcomm.com

> As for mystery #2, you got me...  All my cards are 100/full...
> Viggy
> D. Stimits wrote:

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