[lug] distro versions of kickstart

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Fri Aug 2 21:40:01 MDT 2002

D. Stimits wrote:
> I was wondering, how many distributions have something similar to 
> Redhat's kickstart? Of those distributions, how many have good 
> interfaces for designing installs?

SuSE does (alice).  I expect other RH-clone distros also do.

There's also the System Installation Suite (SIS) which works for ALL 
distros.  So, once you learn it, you can use the same method for all.

Basically with it, you set up a "golden image" using the normal distro 
tools, and then tell SIS to capture it.  It then can modify it somewhat to 
fix network data, disk types, and a few other things.  It's not a filesystem 
image, but a tar image, so things like size of disk, etc. are irrelevant.

	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at unix.sh

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