[lug] Anyone familiar with enydra XMLC?

Bryan Field-Elliot bryan_lists at netmeme.org
Sat Aug 3 14:01:24 MDT 2002

What put me off is that the XMLC model binds too tightly the "model" and
"controller" to the "view" (MVC architecture). The UI designer's "range
of motion" is more limited with XMLC than, say, JSP+Struts. You'll bump
into walls quicker with XMLC when you want a certain UI change and
discover that the required changes are trickling into the pure Java
code, and not limited to the template. That's just been my experience.
Perhaps that's because the industry-wide set of "best practices" is more
mature with the JSP/Struts approach than the XMLC approach. At least,
that was the case when I looked many months ago.


On Sat, 2002-08-03 at 11:17, Craig H. Anderson wrote:

    What put off of using XMLC?  I find the templating approach
    and XML binding of XMLC appealing. 
    On 2002.08.03 10:45 Bryan Field-Elliot wrote:
    > I started to mess with XMLC and Barracuda about a year ago... I think
    > you're better off using Jakarta Struts, JSP, and the new JSPTL (JSP
    > Tag
    > Library). I've used Struts and JSP (although not yet the JSPTL) on
    > many
    > projects over the last year and a half, all very successfully.
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