[lug] One Command -- Four Types

John Karns jkarns at csd.net
Sun Aug 4 14:04:26 MDT 2002

On Sun, 4 Aug 2002, SoloCDM said:

> I tried several ways to force the command ln to create a link with
> an option attached . . . it wouldn't work.
> How are there four (/bin/dnsdomainname /bin/domainname
> /bin/nisdomainname /bin/ypdomainname) different types of hostname
> links with their own separate options?

Typically one creates a script then symlinks to it with different names,
and uses the (in the case of bash) the $0 parm to detect by what name it
was called, and handles any option differences within the body of the

John Karns                                        jkarns at csd.net

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