[lug] SSH notes for meeting August 8, 2002

Rob Judd rjudd at mlug.missouri.edu
Mon Aug 12 08:37:36 MDT 2002

> To expand on this, most recent distributions will check for the
> existence of .Xclients, .Xsession or .xinitrc (depending on the
> distributions) and execute it if it is there.  For instance, RedHat
> executes ~/.Xclients when available.

Okay, thanks, this is what I was looking for.  The catch is in "most
recent distributions".  I was looking through RH 6.2 and in that they have
taken out most references to any user files - in fact they only get called
if something goes wrong.  After reading your email I looked at KRUD 7.1
and found that it has been changed back to read .xsession, and I'm sure
other versions use similar files as you say.

Cheers, Rob

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