[lug] ssh and pubkey

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 12 18:52:08 MDT 2002

I tried setting up ssh to not use a passwd so i could have my
scrips log in using id_dsa....so i got kinda confused here...

You must now put the public key on the remote machine

    * Copy the public key to the server: use scp, ftp, email, paste it with 
a mouse, anything.
    * Connect to the server with ssh and password authentication.
    * put the key in the ``correct'' place. This depends on your 
implementation and version.

OpenSSH (SSH-1)

    copy the key into  /.ssh/authorized_keys
OpenSSH (SSH-2)

    copy the key into  /.ssh/authorized_keys2
Sun SSH Solaris 9 (SSH-2)

    copy the key into  /.ssh/authorized_keys
Commercial SSH (SSH-1)

    copy the key into  /.ssh/authorized_keys
Commercial SSH (SSH-2)

copy the key to the file  /.ssh2/mykey.pub and create a file called  
/.ssh2/authorization that contains a line Key mykey.pub

um...does /.ssh mean create .ssh/authorized_keys in / or what...
im using rh7.3 up2dated sshd.


jd at taproot.bz

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