[lug] A Wireless Installfest

Chris Riddoch socket at peakpeak.com
Fri Aug 16 21:26:20 MDT 2002

Hi, folks.

I'm organizing the next BLUG Installfest, target date: Saturday,
Sept. 14.

Turns out there's a football game in the stadium on the CU campus that
day.[1] If we wanted to do it on the CU campus, Sunday the 15th would
be better - I somehow doubt the Women's Soccer game vs. Mississippi
will gather the same size crowds as the football game.  If we wait
until Sept. 28, parking will almost certainly be even easier.

Although the CU campus has good power and networking facilities
(though it may take some creativity to evade the rules on paying
through the nose for bandwidth,) parking is going to be difficult
regardless of sporting events.  The biggest issue with the last
installfest was the tremendous pain of bringing machines to and from
the loading dock at the engineering center.  Since BLUG has some
status a student group on campus, I can use classrooms for free, but
the campus does has its disadvantages.

Please help me look for better locations!

In the process of looking for good locations, I've found that one of
Boulder's library branches has a decent-sized conference room, very
close parking, and power. The only thing that's missing is networking.
And they won't charge me an arm and a leg to do it. This particular
library branch is the George Reynolds branch - near Broadway, across
Table Mesa from the King Soopers.

Providing networking to this location could be interesting,
particularly to folks on the BURN list (thus the crosspost) - we're
within a few dozen yards from Cafe Sole, which has some
connectivity. It doesn't quite have line-of-sight, but it's close.
Ricochet modems would probably work, if a group of us can get it to
work in time. There are probably other possibilities, but I'm not sure
what they are.


[1] http://cubuffs.ocsn.com/calendar/events/2002_200209.html

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