[lug] Qmail rcpthosts woes

Michael Deck deckm at cleansoft.com
Mon Aug 19 11:01:37 MDT 2002

At 10:49 AM 8/19/2002, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

>The /etc/tcp.smtp.cdb file is something that gets normally used by
>tcpserver, not qmail-smtpd. 
>Is there any reason why you are using xinetd to run qmail-smtpd
>instead of tcpserver? 

Ignorance -- complete, total, and abject -- of the 'right' way to do things. I walked through the INSTALL instructions for qmail but they started to talk about stuff going in inetd.conf. Since I'm not using inetd but xinetd, I did a web search and found the incantation that I posted earlier which is in my xinetd.d/smtp file: 

service smtp
        instances       = 20
        socket_type     = stream
        protocol        = tcp
        wait            = no
        user            = qmaild
#        server          = /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd
        server        =   /var/qmail/bin/tcp-env
        server_args   =   /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd -x/etc/tcp.smptp.cdb

I really have no idea what is really going on with all the various daemons that touch mail-related packets, so if I've done the wrong thing I appreciate any advice. But deep down I'm operating at the level of, "all I want to do is have a mail server that I can use to run Mailman for a couple of small lists" and not at the level of, "I really want to understand all the details because I enjoy that stuff." 


Michael Deck
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