[lug] Qmail rcpthosts woes

Michael Deck deckm at cleansoft.com
Mon Aug 19 11:43:46 MDT 2002

At 11:23 AM 8/19/2002, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
>I would remove/disable the xinetd entry and run tcpserver manually: 
>tcpserver -DRUvX -c 50 -l <yourhostname> -x /etc/tcp.smtp.cdb 0 smtp qmail-smtpd
>That should do the trick. 
>I usually use 'supervise' to run the tcpserver to make sure it's
>always running, but if you just want it to work now, the above should
>work. ;) 

Kevin, thanks. I did that and so far the logs look good (I haven't seen the message yet). Two concerns. 

1. I already have an entry in /service pointing to /var/qmail/supervise/qmail-smtpd. Does this still need to be there? 
2. If I don't want to mess with putting this under supervise, should it then run at the end of rc.local? 
3. If I did want to try my hand at setting it up under supervise, where would you put the run file? 


Michael Deck
Cleanroom Software Engineering, Inc.   

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