[lug] passing config parameters to autoconf during .src.rpm rebuild

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Mon Aug 19 16:09:39 MDT 2002

Alan Robertson wrote:

> D. Stimits wrote:
>> When rebuilding a source rpm, if there is an autoconf option (in this 
>> case, default user is "nobody", I wish to pass along 
>> "--with-user=ups" and "--with-group=ups"), can this be passed along 
>> in the --rebuild line? The spec file has "--with-user=nobody" and 
>> "--with-group=nobody", I could edit this directly, and create a new 
>> package out of that, but I did not want a "non-standard" rpm, so I am 
>> hoping there is a simple way to pass along the options to the 
>> --rebuild instead. For that matter, I am wondering what means in 
>> general are available for passing along changes to options in the 
>> --rebuild command.
> I don't believe there's anything you can do to do what you want except 
> to patch the RPM. 

Yep. Here's the general process I use:

rpm -i foo.src.rpm
cp foo.spec foo.spec.orig
while not done
  vi foo.spec # don't forget to add comments
  rpm -ba foo.spec
  rpm -iU foo.arch.rpm
diff -u foo.spec.orig foo.spec | mail -s "foo SPEC file change" <package 

> My rpms, by contrast, are configured by configure.  These type of RPMs 
> annoy Rob Riggs ;-).  Hi Rob! 

Yep. Because if the RPM has to change for some reason, I've got to muck 
about with autoconf to submit a patch. Too much trouble. Problems with 
that type of packaging systems tend to get ignored by me. Ignoring 
problems makes me feel bad. I don't like to feel bad. Ergo: I don't like 
those types of RPMS. It's obviously a personal problem. :-)


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