[lug] passing config parameters to autoconf during .src.rpm rebuild

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Mon Aug 19 19:42:27 MDT 2002

Ed Hill wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-08-19 at 18:56, Alan Robertson wrote:
>>BTW, it kind of annoys SuSE too, since their packaging system stores the 
>>specfiles under source control, and they're used directly by them.  So, 
>>things like "make rpm" are way outside their paradigm.
>>So, I just tell them to do a ./ConfigureMe config, grab the spec file, and 
>>put it into their system.
> Hi Alan,
> Being fairly new to RPM-building (haven't yet developed the mindset that
> rpm-specs-MUST-encapsulate-configure-scripts), I think the "make rpm"
> approach is neat.  I've seen it done on, for instance, the LT_modem
> (closed-source Lucent soft-modem driver) project and meant to examine
> it.
> Perhaps I missed the link in your earlier posts (if so, my apologies),
> but could you please provide a link to your project that uses this build
> procedure?  I'd like to see how you did it.

I didn't give the reference, because I knew Sean and Rob knew what I was 
talking about ;-)

If you want to see my example, then you can look at the linux-ha project.

The project URL is http://linux-ha.org/

The download directory is: http://linux-ha/download/
	Be sure and grab a beta copy

You can view CVS online here:

Directions on connecting to the CVS repository are here:

The project uses automake, autoconf, and libtool - all the GNU portability 
tools - so it can be little hard at first to understand what's going on if 
you're new to those tools.

We have a heartbeat.spec.in file, which autoconf makes into a heartbeat.spec 
file.  Some of the things we substitute (using the autoconf @variable@ 
notation) could easily be RPM macros.  But using autoconf ties it all 
together quite nicely.

One of the odd things we handle is the fact that that red hat and SuSE 
package the ucd-snmp package differently, and with different names.  SuSE 
has only one package and calls it ucdsnmp.  Red Hat makes it into two, and 
calls the part I need ucd-snmp-devel.

Above it all is this ConfigureMe script which figures out default values for 
some of these things.  Some of it could be put into the configure script, 
but I thought that the configure script ought not to be that smart (it's 
hard enough to figure out as it is).

	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at unix.sh

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