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John Hernandez John.Hernandez at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 20 12:05:55 MDT 2002

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The one at http://www.bastille-linux.org/perl-Tk-800.022-11.i386.rpm
works for me.  It's mirrored from Redhat and signed by Redhat,
according to the Bastille page.

I'm not sure where to find it on an actual Redhat mirror.

Scott Herod wrote:
| Hello,
| I've got an RPM package that I wish to install which depends on perl-Tk.
| I notice that perl-Tk is not included in Redhat 7.3.  I did find a
| couple of RPMs, one at www.perltk.org is broken and will not install,
| another that netfind located depends on many other packages.  Is anyone
| aware of the existance of a reasonably self-contained RPM for perl-Tk?
| If I use the generic CPAN method of installation, how can I safely tell
| gnorpm that I do in fact have perl-Tk installed?
| Thanks,
| Scott
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