[lug] dhcpcd lease issue

Harris, James James_Harris at maxtor.com
Tue Aug 20 14:07:24 MDT 2002

> The only difference that I can see is that 7.3 uses dhcpcd 
> instead of the 
> pump client. I don't see any patches for dhcp on redhats 
> page. Is this a 
> know bug? Should I go back to pump?

Check out how the system is shutting down.  Specifically, find out if
'dhcpcd -k' is being called when the network is going down (or, if SIGHUP is
being sent to the process before shutdown.)  See the following for a
description.  (Pump may have handled shutdown differently.)

man dhcpcd --
       -k     Sends  SIGHUP  signal to the dhcpcd process that is
              currently running. If  dhcpcd  receives  SIGHUP  it
              will  send  DCHP_RELEASE  message to the server and
              destroy dhcpcd cache. In  a  case  dhcpcd  receives
              SIGTERM  which is normally used by shutdown(8) when
              rebooting  the  system   dhcpcd   will   not   send
              DHCP_RELEASE  and will not destroy cache. When sys¡
              tem boots dhcpcd will use cache to request the same
              IP  address  from  DHCP  server  which was assigned
              before the system went down.

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