[lug] router in bridge mode

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Tue Aug 20 19:37:10 MDT 2002

This is how my DSL connection works with Forethought.  The router does
not get an IP address -- the IPs assigned would be for your machinces.
You could thus either plug the router directly to the computer with a
crossover cable, and have only the one IP (which you would set up in the
host OS of the computer), or you could hook the router into a hub, and
have two machines (or more, if your ISP would let you have them) plugged
into the same hub.  I run one hub, with a Cisco 675 plugged into it, and
two machines, each with their own ISP.  Again, the IP address is set up
in the host OS of the machine -- the router knows nothing about the IPs
I have in my setup (all that must happen on the other end of the wire in
the DSLAM).  I assume it would be the same for IDSL.

It actually will save you one IP -- in PPP or PPPoe the router needs
its own IP, it does not in bridging.  It just listens on the wire and
transparently routes packets out that need it.

In my experience ( from watching tcpdump) none of my local traffic seems
to go anywhere, and no remote traffic seems to come in.


* Kenneth D. Weinert (mc at morat.net) wrote:
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> Forwarding a question that's a bit beyond my ken - any thoughts are 
> appreciated:
>  techie question - if an ISP says they're going to set your SDSL router up in 
> "bridge" mode with 1 or 2 IP addresses, what does that mean? Is it still a 
> router that can share the connection with as many computers as you hub in?
> Personally I still don't have a home network set up because I'm trying to get 
> it sorted - too much hands-on hardware :)
> Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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