[lug] router in bridge mode

Kenneth D. Weinert mc at morat.net
Wed Aug 21 10:50:54 MDT 2002

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Thanks for all your help - it got the issue straight in his mind and he's 
sorted out what he needs to do now.

On Tue 20 August 2002 08:26, Kenneth D. Weinert wrote:
> Forwarding a question that's a bit beyond my ken - any thoughts are
> appreciated:
>  techie question - if an ISP says they're going to set your SDSL router up
> in "bridge" mode with 1 or 2 IP addresses, what does that mean? Is it still
> a router that can share the connection with as many computers as you hub
> in?
> Personally I still don't have a home network set up because I'm trying to
> get it sorted - too much hands-on hardware :)
> Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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