[lug] KRUD shutdown problem

Michael Deck deckm at cleansoft.com
Wed Aug 21 13:13:11 MDT 2002

Is this installation of KRUD an upgrade to a prior Linux distro? 

I had a problem with these symptoms when I tried to be too clever and "upgrade" from a Mandrake distro to KRUD without reformatting all important partitions (including /var and /etc). There was a bunch of stuff that had hung around from Mandrake and wasn't being stopped/started correctly under KRUD. Ok, I confess. It didn't accidentally hang around, I *made* it hang around because I thought that was the best way to preserve some of my settings. 

I queried this list and eventually got pointed in the direction of this complication. I reinstalled KRUD, wiping out the partitions first, and then it worked fine. 


At 12:13 PM 8/21/2002, D. Stimits wrote:
>matt yarbrough wrote:
>>I have just installed KRUD on my workstation at work, and when I have to
>>reboot (I still need to go into Windows for certain tasks) I can't seem
>>to get a clean shutdown.
>>I get:
>>Removing user defined chains               [OK]
>>resetting built in chains                  [OK]
>>INIT: No more processes at this runlevel
>>Any initial thoughts?  I can provide config files etc...
>If you do this as root, what is the output?
> cd /etc/rc.d/
> find . -name "K*" -type l -xdev -print
>If you do this, what is the output?
> cd /etc/
> cat inittab | grep -e "^[^#]"
>If you do this, what is the output?
> chkconfig --list
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