[lug] simple text editing problem

Daniel Webb webb at danielwebb.us
Wed Aug 21 21:42:33 MDT 2002

Well, maybe it's simple...

I need to find and replace text from around 10,000 lines of c code in
around 50 files in several directory trees.  I'm going to have to do this
quite a few times, so the solution needs to be able to use "find" as the
input for which files to load, or else remember from one day to the next
which files I'm interested in.  Also, it has to be interactive, since I
won't always be able to tell if I need to do the replace without context.

I have found many, many solutions that can do almost what I am describing
above.  So far I have not found anything that can do all of that.
Probably Emacs can do it, but I don't know Emacs yet.  I have tried
cooledit, nedit, jedit, kdevelop, and several others.

Free/libre licensed solutions only please.

If such a thing doesn't exist I will implement it in Perl and release it.

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