[lug] Help Please with Individual User cgi-bins

DankStreet dankstreet at dankstreet.com
Thu Aug 22 13:29:55 MDT 2002

Dear lug:
Sorry to drop an unsolicited email on you but I was searching google on
how to set up individual cgi-bins and saw your post at
I am setting up a Unix-based lab at school and need to set up individual
cgi-bins for students.  I am running RedHat 7.2 and have no problem
running *.cgi and *.pl scripts from /var/www/cgi-bin but am having the
same problems you were with individual cgi-bins.  Did you ever resolve
your issue?  My setup for users is typical /home/*/public_html/cgi-bin.
If you have a quick answer please let me know - I am going crazy over
Thank you,
Charles Maguire
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