[lug] firewall appliance

Michael Shuler michael at pbandjelly.org
Thu Aug 22 18:00:41 MDT 2002

Hugh Brown wrote:
> I am looking at getting a firewall appliance to replace a linux box that
> has been doing masquerading/firewalling with ipchains.  I need a box
> that will do IPsec pass through for a number of different vpn
> environments that we have.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

I have been using SmoothWall/GPL (the free version) at home very 
successfully - it uses freeswan.  Although it is still a linux box and 
not a commercial "appliance," it is a graceful and easily managed 
solution that takes about 10 minutes to install.  They do have 
reasonably priced business solutions, although I am aware of several 
fairly large businesses (100+ roadwarriors) using the GPL version for 
firewall with DMZ and vpn.  You could install it on a 1U and rack it for 
  the "appliance" effect.  :)

Michael Shuler
michael at pbandjelly.org

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