[lug] actiontec 1520 / bridging / linux

Calvin Dodge caldodge at fpcc.net
Thu Aug 22 19:52:56 MDT 2002

On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 07:13:21PM -0500, Ben Luey wrote:
> Qwest just switched from using Cisco 678 modems to ActionTec 1520 -- are
> these modems linux compatible / what are people's experiences with these

I'm helping a charter school with computers - said school has 3 ActionTecs.

> modems? How do you configure these modems -- ethernet/ip? Also, my ISP is

The modems present a web-based interface - you should be able to configure yours by browsing to  They also come with Windows-based configuration software, but who wants to use THAT?

If you use the web-based interface, you probably want to start with the "non-windows setup". I suspect that IF you switch it to bridging mode, after that point it will be configurable only with the Windows software (no IP address, ya know).

> the U of Colorado and the modem is going to be in bridging mode. Will the
> modem do the authenticating, or does each connected computer need to get

If the modem is in bridging mode, then I'm pretty sure it won't do any authentication.

> authorized somehow? Does each connected computer (directly to the 1520, no
> hub / router) get its own ip address (that will occasionally change?) via
> dhcp?

If the modem is in bridging mode, then it won't do dhcp serving. I don't know if IP address assignment is up to you, or if CU takes care of that.


Calvin Dodge
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