[lug] CTLR to Radio Interface

svq svq at peakpeak.com
Fri Aug 23 18:57:51 MDT 2002

Attached is an itemized parts list for
the CTLR to Radio Interface prototype.
The price per board is around $75. Keep
in mind these are all worst case prices
because they reflect the price for 1
item.  Also I have already purchased the
radios. When I place the order I will be
buying some excess for spare parts, and
because our other boards will use some
of the same parts.

The board layout is complete. I still
need to go over it to check for errors.
I will probably submit it to the board
house by monday. We will probably have
it back by thursday. I will continue to
work on the other boards, but not submit
any until we get a look at this first

All the components were in stock at
Digi-Key except item #1, the 10 uf
capacitor. I will check with Digi-Key on
lead time for this cap and if it is too
long I will specify a different
component. I will place the order on
monday for the components.

Chuck, you were saying the other night
that you would like to help in some of
the assembly. Would you like to assemble
the LED based test board for Brian to
test his code on?

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CTLR to Tranceiver Interface  Revised: Wednesday, August 21, 2002
TREN-001          Revision: 

Bill Of Materials         August 22,2002      5:09:01	Page1

Item	Quantity	Reference	Part		Digi-Key		Price

1	6	C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,C6	10 uf		399-1614-1-ND		$0.68
2	5	C7,C8,C9,C10,C11	1.0 uf		399-1610-1-ND		$0.33
3	3	C12,C13,C14		0.1 uf
4	1	JP1			JUMPER		N/A			N/A
5	3	J1,J2,J3		TURRET		N/A			N/A
6	1	P1			CONNECTOR DB25	A2098-ND		$4.84
7	1	P2			CONNECTOR DB9	A2100-ND		$2.36
8	3	R1,R2,R3		332 Kohm	P330KFCT-ND		$0.117
9	1	R4			2.49 Kohm	P2.49KFCT-ND		$0.117
10	1	R5			1.00 Kohm	P1.00KFCT-ND		$0.117
11	3	U1,U2,U3		LP2986		LP2986AIM-5.0-ND	$2.36
12	1	U4			MAX232A		MAX232AEWE-ND		$5.83
13	1	U5			RF900DV		N/A			$27.00
14	1	U6			74HCT244	296-1207-5-ND		$0.76
15.	1	PWB			TREN-001	N/A			$20.67

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