[lug] "New" wireless internet?

Mr Viggy LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Thu Sep 5 18:08:16 MDT 2002

Did they come out and actually test the line?  Or, is that what their 
database says?

You should make them come out and test the line, if you can.  Another 
possibility is that you have two lines comming into your house, but 
QWest only ran one pair to your house.  Effectively, they might have 
multiplexed the lines somewhere, and DSL doesn't run over MUXed lines.


Justin-lists wrote:
> Nope, I think it may have been www.ricochet.com as mentioned in a previous 
> reply, but if it was they changed their website. 
> Weird thing about Qwest with my home is, my CO is wired for DSL already and I 
> am close enough for SDSL (according to dslreports.com). But Qwest says I 
> don't qualify *sigh* I don't see how it could be my line because the house is 
> only a year old...oh well.
> Justin
>>Was it WisperTEL? www.wispertel.com I was trying to get DSL, and wasn't
>>sure Qwest would come through with upgrading the CO, so I was asking
>>about wireless.
>>I spoke to Barry, the CEO(?) and was ready to buy, but Qwest did come
>>through as planned.
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