[lug] Ethernet sound card

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Thu Sep 5 20:38:55 MDT 2002

Luke said:

   Well these might not exactly be what you want, but both are relatively
   the same. Basically they're just a piece of ram with power, Ethernet
   connectivity and audio out (digital and analog). I know the Audiotron
   can be controlled from a computer, and if all your music is on a Linux
   system, you'll have to hack/tweek them some, so there's the added 'fun'

Alan said:

   I have a Turtle Beach Auditron, and I love it.  Ethernet in, analog and
   digital audio out.

This is specifically *not* what I am looking for.

1. Only plays formats that it understands (this is the killer).
2. Costs 4 or 5 TIMES what I think it would cost to make the "Ethernet
sound card" (or to mass-produce them and sell 'em at a tidy profit).
3. Relies on some sort of server software.  More specifically, it is a
client, what I am driving at is a /peripheral/.

They call it a "smart stereo component."  I am looking for a stupid stereo


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