[lug] Ethernet sound card

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Thu Sep 5 22:08:11 MDT 2002

> Ok, here's what I think Peter wants:
> He wants his ethernet card in his computer to act like a sound card, so
> every sound, wether he's using xmms, watching movies, playing a game,
> that all those sounds go out via the ethernet card, over ethernet wire
> a stereo.
> Though he doesn't want it do go into the stereo with a built in NIC,
> would require a computer within the stereo, he just wants it to go in
> have the 4 pairs of ethernet wire connect to whatever neccesary stereo
> component would produce sound from the ethernet cable. Nothing more, no
> no computer at the other end.
> Well, hope I made some logic of this..

Very, very close.  I want the Ethernet card to act as a PCI to Ethernet
bridge (in the same way that a SCSI card acts as a PCI to SCSI bridge)
that will allow me to connect an Ethernet peripheral to the system.

On a Linux system this would mean nothing more than a device driver that
looks like any other sound card driver to the rest of the system "on one
end" and emits "decoded" audio data wrapped in Ethernet frames (via normal
kernel access to the network subsystem) "out the other end."  (In the same
way that audio data is wrapped up by the PCI kernel driver before shoots
down the PCI bus to your sound card.)

I think we are getting somewhere :-)


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