[lug] Ethernet sound card

Alan Robertson alanr at unix.sh
Fri Sep 6 11:57:25 MDT 2002

John Dollison wrote:
> I used to do sound systems installations for businesses and high-end home
> users.  I disagree with your assumptions about distance and sound quality.
> While it is true that cheap unbalanced lines from radio shack can pick up
> hum and suffer from signal loss, any professional system will use balanced
> shielded wire, which can transmit audio without any detectable loss for
> thousands of feet.  By detectable, I mean by the human ear.  High-end lab
> equipment will be able to detect maybe 1% THD, which you aren't going to
> notice.  And by balanced wire, I mean that you use audio transformers to
> isolate the signal from ground, much the way high-end automotive systems do.
> I think it's faster, cheaper, and easier to just run audio wires, with no
> appreciable difference in performance.  And what good hacker wants to
> reinvent the wheel?
> Also, whether you use CAT5 or audio cable, you'll spend a lot of time
> fishing wires through the walls (or attic, or basement).  If it was me, I'd
> hook the output of my sound card to a decent quality FM transmitter (you can
> usually get one for $50 ), so I could listen to *any* sounds from my PC on
> *any* FM radio in the house.  (Which is similar to another project I have
> planned for later this month.)

I think you can buy a USB device which is a sound card and an FM transmitter...

	-- Alan Robertson
	   alanr at unix.sh

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