[lug] Ethernet sound card

George Hyatt ghyatt at creativeconsulting.com
Fri Sep 6 12:32:56 MDT 2002


I seem to have utterly failed to communicate.

A picture is worth a thousand words they say.  See
I don't think that either of these things are insurmountable (to, say, a

third year EE student) or requires a microprocessor.


Hi, I'm a computer engineer (EE/CS).  Your picture indeed explains your
concept.  There's nothing wrong with your concept, and the problems are
not insurmountable.  All you're trying to do is separate the
DAC/filter/output sections of a CD player from the disk
transport/laser/codec sections, and make the link using LAN transport.

However, while it isn't insurmountable, it is pointless.  Making good
quality audio output from digital data is only cheap in consumer
electronics 'cuz they sell zillions of units.  It takes excellent DACs,
excellent filters, suitable control intelligence.  Doing it yourself
one-off is going to cost more than a CD player.  It's a losing

If the problem is time spent walking to the stereo, then buy a CD
changer.  If the problem is cost, and if the stereo is close enough to
the computer that you'd be able to hear the music played from the CD
drive, then you can solve the problem with wire.  Buy a simple preamp to
boost the audio signals to line level (2 Vp-p, as comes out of your
typical stereo component), and some good shielded cables to carry the
boosted signals to the stereo.  It would be a damn sight cheaper than
building your concept, and quicker too.  You could get that done yet
this afternoon.

George Hyatt

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