[lug] Linux install fest

Scott Herod herod at dimensional.com
Fri Sep 6 12:54:48 MDT 2002

I've made bootable CD's by adding a 1440 boot-image to an ISO.  What I
really would like to learn how to do is create a disk which I can insert
into a box and have it install some set of RPMs, then configure various
interfaces.  I've looked at kickstart conf. files but what else needs to
exist in the ISO and are there requirements on the directory structure so
that RPMs can be found?  I've not found any docs on anaconda (which I
believe is the name of RedHat's installer).



On 6 Sep 2002, Ed Hill wrote:

> On Fri, 2002-09-06 at 10:58, Scott Herod wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > While I'm pretty comfortable installing linux, I was wondering if someone
> > would help me learn to create an installation disk.  Bootable, I can do
> > but I want to learn to make a CD that can be used to create a file system
> > and install the OS.  Would someone be willing to help me at the install
> > fest?
> Hi Scott,
> This is fairly easy.  If I have some time at the Ifest, I'll try to help
> you.  To get up to speed, I suggest you read the man pages for mkisofs,
> in particular the "El Torito" (-b) options.  Basically, the El Torito
> feature allows you to embed one or more "virtual" 1.44M floppy images on
> the cdrom.  These floppy images can then be booted by the atapi
> hardware.  Basically, it emulates a boot floppy.  And note that you will
> need to have (or create) at least one bootable floppy image in order to
> create the bootable CDR.
> See ya at the Ifest!
> Ed
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