[lug] KDE question

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Sat Sep 7 18:21:58 MDT 2002

So you overwrote the link on your Desktop called home?  Am I
understanding that right?

The little folder on your desktop labelled "Home" seems to be a link to an
application.  It is somewhat 'special' though, in that it has different
properities than I am able to create simply by right-clicking on the
Desktop, and then clicking on 'Link to Application.'  I don't know
exactly how it is created.  You could just put this text file in your

--------------- (Contents of file follows)
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Personal Files
Exec=kfmclient openProfile filemanagement

That is all mine contains.  Note, I removed *many* Name[xx] and
Coment[xx] lines which were Internationalized version of the name and


* Drew Lane (drewlane at qwest.net) wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using RH 7.2 with KDE.
> I was downloading a file yesterday and I must have accidentally
> downloaded the file to the link on the desktop that normally connects
> you to the file browser.   I think it was the home icon.
> Now when I click on folders on the desktop I'm getting a dialog
> that says something like "can't find /"
> Anyway, what's the best way to reset this back to the way it was?
> Hope this is an easy one.  :^)
> Thanks,
> Drew
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