[lug] "red hat - the new redmond?" comment from mainstream online media

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 7 20:59:17 MDT 2002

Wow, just when Redhat is really becoming a bad ass os people start slamming 
I bet M$ funds United linux...and pays dumb people to say dumb things.They 
are trying to play on the fear that MS itself devolpoed. A fear of...a os 
that looks
to good, a os that appers to be simple, a os that seams to care about its 
Yes Redhat has all of this..and lots more. Redhat has captured the hearts of
the "computer informed"..and never let us down yet. It is my believe or hope
that the Redhat big cats are in it for more than just the money. I dont 
Redhat would be as cool as it is if its creators and maintainers were not
aligned to the geek way of computing.The geek way being that of truth and
general child like facination. MS does not have such purest driving. They
have a brilliant man maddend by power. MS is pure in its desire to domanate,
I fell redhat is pure in its ability to produce. And there you have it.
  Unfortaintly we live in a world of doubters and sheeps. Unwilling to
follow there heart and throw caution to the wind. But we will always bow
to the allmighty Dollar regarless of where it leads us. I guess this is good
and bad. If we follow the dollar..RedHat will undoubtly win. It will take
a long while but it will happen. If we followed our hearts...would happen 
alot sooner.

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>Subject: Re: [lug] "red hat - the new redmond?"  comment from mainstream 
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>On Sat, Sep 07, 2002 at 04:19:54AM -0700, bill ehlert wrote:
> >"There is growing concern in the Linux community that industry-leader
> >Red Hat will become the 'Microsoft of the Linux world.'"
>What are you trying to say?  People seem to like to call Red Hat the
>"Microsoft of Linux", for reasons that honestly escape me.
>Quite frankly, SuSE resembles Microsoft more than Red Hat, at least in the
>ways I consider to be bad...  Red Hat participates in the Open Source
>community -- they provide the source for *ALL* the stuff on the CDs you
>get, under a license that allows you as the user to modify it.  That's one
>of the reasons that Red Hat is such a popular system to use as a basis.
>SuSE has a closed installer specifically to *KEEP* others from being able
>to create a SuSE-based distribution.
>Microsoft is bad because as users we can't modify, improve, or learn from
>their system.  They use things like file format changes to lock users in to
>continued upgrades and their proprietary software.
>Red Hat has, if anything, moved *AWAY* from proprietary software -- their
>boxed sets no longer include demo or license restricted software.
>So, I just don't see that it's happening.  The only thing I see is people
>trying to sensationalize the popularity of Red Hat.
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