[lug] KDE question

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Sat Sep 7 21:30:31 MDT 2002

* Alan Robertson (alanr at unix.sh) wrote:
> dan radom wrote:
> >doesn't kde use a desktop directory that was created from the copy in 
> >/etc/skel?  look to /etc/skel/Desktop for your app link.
> >
> >dan
> I right-clicked on empty desktop, and did a "create new" "link to location 
> (URL)" and told it to display file:$HOME and it  makes a nice link to my 
> home directory.  You'll need to rename a few things and change the icon to 
> make it look the same, it looks to me like it acts the same now...

Yes, this works.  But if you look at the "Properties" of the icon, you
will see that the original Home link is an application, not an URL.
Don't really know what difference it might make, but I was just trying
make sure I didn't give misinformation.  Application versus URL links
have more things that can be customized.  Also, looking at mine, it
didn't come from /etc/skel, on my Debian system, so I don't know exactly
where the darn things comes from.

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