[lug] "red hat - the new redmond?" the brand is bad

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 8 10:51:55 MDT 2002

I agree. If you read those fun little messagesd during rh 7.3 install
you do get the story. Still doesnt make the icon any cooler. lol

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>Subject: Re: [lug] "red hat - the new redmond?" the brand is bad
>Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 07:28:56 -0600 (MDT)
>I, for one, believe Red Hat needs a more savvy, hip name.
>And the Red Hat icon or logo is almost too dorky to to believe.  It
>reminds me of the red top of Ronald McDonald, yuck.
>Just what is the genesis of the name Red Hat?  (Remember the TV commercial
>when the man says "I named it Daves Good Stuff."   And his wife bites back
>with "How long did it take you to think that one up?"
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