[lug] Do you guys get random questions in email?

John Dollison johndollison at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 16 09:00:14 MDT 2002

But if I had a superblock of ice interfering with my /zoo/penguins
filesystem, and I looked for help online and found that 50% of the messages
on the filesystems boards came from Kandalf Tuxedo, I might assume Kandalf
was an expert, and send him an e-mail.


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From: "Peter Hutnick" <peter-lists at hutnick.com>
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Subject: Re: [lug] Do you guys get random questions in email?

> Peter,
> Just for curiosity, I tried a Google search on "Peter Hutnick", and then
> another search on "peter-lists at hutnick.com".  I got over a thousand
> You're all over the place, no wonder you get weirdo-mail!

Back when I had a "home phone" my number was in thousands of phone books,
but I never got calls from people wanting directions to the zoo . . .


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