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Mon Sep 16 10:44:05 MDT 2002

On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 09:51:44AM -0600, Kenneth D. Weinert wrote:
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> What would be a good, light weight window manager for last (or last-2 :) 
> generation hardware?

Flamebait? ;-)

I currently use PWM (which i like because i can put lot's of teminals
into 'tabbed windows' -- something very handy to keep an open terminal
for all the servers i manage) or ION which has similar tabbing windows.
The later is rather special since windows can't overlap, it's a bit like
table or grid layout managers in tk/swing/gtk. This is very handy for
boxes that are mainly used for programming or adminsitration (i.e. windows
stay where the are once they are opened). ION does look strange when 
stupid apps insist on focus-grabbing modular floating windows ;-)
Oh, fluxbox seems to be pretty nice and has a small memory footprint.

 Ralf Mattes

> The intended use of the box is mainly serial console for some sparc boxes I 
> have so X isn't even necessarily needed, but I can see occasional forays into 
> the world where >1 window would be nice. I could use different virtual 
> consoles for that also, but just in case . . .
> Thanks for any pointers.
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