[lug] iproute2

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Mon Sep 16 15:09:05 MDT 2002

On Sun, 2002-09-15 at 17:27, j davis wrote:
> hello,
>   my roomate has been pissing me off. I have been threating for months
> to route his traffic out of a dial-up. So i fianlly did it. Its really
> cool! Very easy too, just added a new default route with eth0 and ppp0 
> having
> equal weight. However it seems to freak out my lan. When i try to ssh
> to a box on my lan with a private ip i am being routed twards the internet.
> The box that is doing routing has three interface eth0 and 1 and ppp0
> eth0=public dsl eth1=private lan ppp0=p2p dial up.Do i need some sort of
> static route for lan to lan connections?

Without a bit more specific information about the networks involved and
routes already in the systems, this is pretty hard to answer.

> -Dope smokers make the net go round-
>              Me  (early 96 while gigglie from
>                       ratstafarian blend)

Postings here are cached... and then google caches, and other places
will keep comments like this virtually forever... ten years from now an
employer may have the joy of finding this through a simple "background
check" using Net searches, and you won't get the job.  Something to
think about... it may seem like no big deal now but as you get older,
little stuff like this can come back to be a real problem for anyone

Just a note of caution.  No judgement meant by it at all.  (One of the
most useful and long-lived programs I ever used in business was written
by someone who was quite drunk on a Saturday afternoon... GRIN.)

(All it takes is one law-enforcement person hell-bent on using Internet
searches to "fight the Drug War" and ... well, you get the idea.  I
don't partake of "the blend" but someday I'm sure there are other
personal lifestyle things I, or anyone else, have done that put us all
into some "different" category that someone, somewhere doesn't like.)


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