[lug] Serial printer connection questions

Chip Atkinson chip at rmpg.org
Mon Sep 16 19:19:35 MDT 2002


Does anyone have any experience with setting up serial printers?  I have a
postscript printer that seems to get overrun with data when using the
parallel interface so I thought I'd try the rs-232 interface instead.

Here's what I believe is the problem:
CTS and DSR are low when the printer is connected so no data is actually
sent. When I tried connecting a modem to the cable and looked at it with
statserial I saw that CTS and DSR went high.

Does anyone know if I did something like connected CTS and/or DSR to
something like DTR(?) which was high that I could get data through, or
would I risk shorting/burning something out?  Additional information would
be appreciated too.



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