[lug] Unix vs. Linux programming for TCP/IP

bof bof at pcisys.net
Thu Sep 19 22:34:46 MDT 2002


I'd like to learn more about Unix programming in general and TCP/IP 
programming in specific, and have been looking at the following sources:

    Stevens's Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment (APUE)
    Stevens's TCP/IP programming series (3 volumes)
    Comer's Internetworking with TCP/IP (3 volumes)

In several of these the C code examples appear to be written for Unix 
--- the APUE book predates BSD4.4; the other Stevens's are for 
BSD4.4-Lite; the volume 2 of Comer is for ANSI C (OS unknown), while his 
volume 3 uses Linux.

I wondering what kind of problems I might encounter by studying these 
and doing the code examples under Red Hat Linux. I can install and use 
FreeBSD 4.6 if necessary, but I know Linux better and would prefer to 
use it.

Any opinions?


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