[lug] Cleaning up /var when it gets too full

bof bof at pcisys.net
Fri Sep 20 08:00:32 MDT 2002

Thanx to all you who wrote.

I've delete the dbbackup package and the backups and gained about 60 MB 

In regards to the sizing of /var, this was the first time that I've been 
bitten by this problem.  I've found, over two years of using Slackware 
and RH and KRUD, that 125 MB was adequate for my system, which is a 
standalone workstation.  I do rotate log files, and tend to delete 
whatever I don't want to keep fairly rigorously. I don't think I need to 
go to partitions for the subdirectories of /var (/var/tmp, /var/spool/, 
/var/log, etc), but it might be useful and I will keep the technique in 

Still, in the days. of 40 GB HDs, I suppose that it might not hurt to 
allocate more space next time I redo the HD, or when KRUD 8.0 comes out, 
use the resizer to pull some space off another partition and maybe make 
it as big as 126 MB, or even somewhat larger. <g>


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