[lug] Printing problems RH7.3

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Fri Sep 20 16:16:07 MDT 2002

have you tried

service lpd restart

I have a user with a laptop, that sometimes has to restart lpd before
being able to print.

What's on the 4 pages in the middle?  There may be problems with the
postscript that gets generated from those pages (usu. because of weird
fonts or graphics).



On Fri, 2002-09-20 at 13:10, Gary Hodges wrote:
> The sequence of events:
> 1.  Printed full (37 page) .pdf doc with <mpage -2 -t -Php8> and got a
> little less than half out
> 2.  Printed the rest (forgot 4 pages in the middle) with <mpage -2 -t
> -Php8>
>     and got out what I sent to the printer
> 3.  Attempted to print the middle four pages with <mpage -2 -t -Php8>
> and nothing came out. 
>     Repeated print try several times but never got the pages.
> 4.  Tried a different (2 page) .pdf doc with <mpage -2 -Php8> and that
> worked.
> 5.  Tried the original again with and without the -t option without
> success.
> 6.  Tried a plain text file with mpage and lpr without success.
> 7.  Tried a different printer without success.
> 8.  Tried that 2 page doc but it doesn't print now.
> Here is an lpq -Php8 immediately after attempting to print:
> ~/SANS>lpq -Php8
> Printer: lp0 at space 'hp8' (dest /var/spool/lpd/lp0 at
>  Queue: no printable jobs in queue
>  Status: job 'cfA999space.srrb.noaa.gov' removed at 11:04:22.271
> JetDirect lpd: no jobs queued on this port
> Earlier it would show a print job as active before showing it removed. 
> Now the job is removed immediately.
> All seems strange to me, but maybe there is a lock file somewhere that
> got set for some reason.  I can print using a Windows machine.
> Gary

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