[lug] FS: SGI Indigo R4k

Archer Sully archer at tombstone.goldenagewireless.net
Fri Sep 20 19:05:27 MDT 2002

Obligatory Linux:  Theoretically, you could run MIPS Linux
on this box ;-).

This is an SGI 150Mhz R4400 Indigo in the stylish purple

3 1G or so disks, two of which work ;-).
DAT drive on sled
External CDROM (not SGI, but I think it boots anyway)
Elan Graphics (best you can get for this box)
SGI/Sony 17" monitor
SGI Kbd/mouse
Running IRIX 6.2, and I have 6.5 on a bunch o'
CD's just waiting for to be installed.
Lots o' cables that will let it hook up to
nearly anything.

The battery needs replacing (I just received one from
"The NICAD Lady"), but I don't trust myself to perform
the operation.  Other than that the system passes power
on diags and did in fact work just fine when I last shut
it off (after one of the disks [the one with my home
directory on it ;-(] failed a few years back).

This is a piece of workstation history:  the machine
that inspired the Espressigo, the Audigo, and numerous
jokes around the halls of SGI back in the day when it
was a cool place to work.  It still has a wonderful
audio subsystem, and the MIDI implementation truly
kicks butt over anything else out there.  Plus it has
a sticker on it from 89.7 KFJC, the coolest radio station
in Silicon Valley, as well as genuine SGI asset tags
(its legit, though:  the machine was fully deprecieated
and my manager let me take it home when I quit ;-).


Contact me by email, but better to use the phone:

Archer Sully

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