[lug] Re: Printing problems RH7.3

Thomas R. Detman tdet at sec.noaa.gov
Mon Sep 23 15:01:33 MDT 2002

I have two pdf files that I can look at with 'xpdf'. They
look OK on the screen. I click the print button which calls
'gv' (ghostview), I think, to convert the file to postscript.
I can view the ps file OK with 'gv', and I can send it to a
postscript printer, but nothing comes out exept page that says,


This is unusual. I usually don't have problems with pdf/ps files.
And it is the same on at least two different postscript printers.
I used the 'file' command to see that one file I had this
problem with was pdf version 1.2; so the pdf version is not
the problem. (I'm not currently able to deal with pdf 1.3 though.)
I take it your hp8 is a postscript printer. Sorry, this is
probably more sympathy than help. If you wish, I'll see what
my RH 7.2 system can do with your pdf file.

Tom Detman

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