[lug] Basic Guidance Solicited \\ a few hints

bill ehlert bill_ehlert_lists at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 23 18:29:00 MDT 2002

--- Charlie Rose <ros5e at ISAaC.com> wrote:

    . . .

> I am planning on installing Linux on my 1 GHz

    . . .

> I am an absolute
> novice in the Linux world (despite running a

    . . .

**  there's so much out there that it's
    hard to know where to start.

    two recent distro releases are supposed
    to be relatively quick & painless to
    install & get up, but i haven't yet tried
    either.  they are

      mandrake 8.2 (available from
    cheapbytes.com for about $10)

      SuSE 8.0 (dunno where to get that)

    this site:


    seems to have huge amounts of info.  how
    much can be absorbed at any single
    session is quite another question.

      then, of course, there's the
    INSTALLFEST .  i think there's one
    happening in denver in early oct,
    perhaps the 12th.  when there'll
    be one in boulder, i dunno.

                 good luck in your quest!

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